British Pensions in Australia (BPiA) fights for the rights of many thousands of British expat pensioner members.

  • BPiA's primary mission is to force the UK Government to treat us fairly, equally and without discrimination, by annually indexing the UK pension to which we are entitled, having paid into the mandatory UK National Insurance scheme.
  • BPiA will also help anyone who has worked in the UK discover the UK pension to which they may be entitled and help them with their application for this potential worthwhile retirement income.
  • BPiA is an incorporated non profit volunteer association and a founder member of the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP)

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 BREXIT: What next for frozen pensions?

As the UK starts to come to terms with the many unforeseen implications of the recent referendum, we are seeing increasing comment and discussion in financial forums about the possibility of the 472,000 UK expat pensioners in the EU suffering a similar fate to the 550,000 of us elsewhere whose pensions have been frozen.  Already, many of these EU residents are counting the possible cost of their remaining in their chosen retirement countries and marshalling their resources to fight to retain their rights.  We may indeed find we have new allies in our fight for justice.  Check our 'Pensions in the Media' link ('News & Reports') for the most recent articles.  If you have a relative who's retired to Europe, alert them to the danger ahead.  "Aux armes, citoyens!"


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