We’ll fight for your right to UK PENSION PARITY

Statement of BPiA Policy and Strategy from Brian Owles, Chairman

I stepped into the position of Chairman of BPiA in November 2016 in order to draw together a team that would work with the ultimate aim of achieving a fair and just payment of UK pensions to those outside UK.  

For the avoidance of doubt, let me state unequivocally: the policy of BPiA and CABP is to fight for FULL PARITY for all UK pensioners living outside UK.  It is not the policy of BPiA or CABP to seek a partial uprating, but there is an All-party Parliamentary group of UK MPs (“APPG”) that are attempting to promote such a concept.  It would be foolish of us not to interact with that group because they are the only people in the UK government who recognise the issue and are prepared to seek a solution. If the UK government were to make an offer of a partial uprating that would be considered by all parties, however no such offer is likely in the near future.

The committee of BPiA will continue to fight as a team for FULL PENSION PARITY to correct the immoral status of frozen pensions from UK.


BPiA’s principal objective is to encourage Australia based British expats to provide financial assistance to fund a political fight from which we wish to achieve UK age pension annual inflation increases (indexing).  Regardless of any other income you already receive you’ll be better off when we win this fight for eventual pension parity.

We encourage all expat pensioners to contact the MP representing the constituency of their last place of residence in the UK.  Only by constant lobbying can we hope to raise the consciousness of UK MPs to the injustice which is their duty to right.

Your letter should make it plain to the MP that you have plenty of friends or relatives still living and voting in the constituency who will be only too happy to support your rights.

Click here for a full list of constituencies and the names of the current MPs.  The list is in order of constituency.  

Click here to download a model letter that you can customise to deliver your message.


You’ll learn your rights and entitlements

BPiA has developed a good knowledge of the British pension rules and built an excellent relationship with the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  From this working relationship we have been able to assist hundreds of people who have worked in the UK to:

  • obtain a pension (in some cases previously denied)

  • improve their pension entitlement, or

  • recover a pension that may have been stopped for a variety of reasons

You can help us win the fight

BPiA is staffed entirely by volunteers.  Our reach has to be worldwide, to allied organisations and to politicians, journalists, lobbyists, legal teams and bureaucrats in the UK and Europe.  All this comes at a cost, which is why we seek your contribution, an affordable $20 per year for a single member, $30 per year for a couple.  When we win the fight, this could be the best investment you ever make.

Our Hon. Chairman, Jim Tilley, has a good network of current and past influential politicians

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Membership brings rewards

As a paying member you will:

  • Receive regular newsletters and progress reports
  • Via this website have access to 
    • the latest news on UK legislative changes that may affect you, and
    • detailed analyses by leading academics and economic specialists
  • Be able to call a hotline for answers to your questions
  • Get to know the wider community of expat UK pensioners here in Australia




BPiA Committee members are at the very centre of action on behalf of our members.  Whether dealing with membership queries and renewals, producing various newsletters and information brochures, manning information booths at community events, lobbying politicians and influencers here and in the UK, or maintaining this website, they work for you every day of the year.


Brian Owles (President) 0416 495 399
John Edelsten (Treasurer) 03 633 01079
Cheryl Harvey (Secretary) 02 9958 6968
Jim Tilley (Vice President) 1300 308 353
Francis Keegan 02 9337 1147
Tony Walsh 03 9480 6317
David Rumball 02 9528 5437


Want to talk to someone in your local area who can answer your specific questions or help with your membership application or renewal?

Wherever you live in Australia or even in parts of SE Asia, there's a local contact number or email for you to call.  If your State is not listed, try one of our other contact numbers.


Sydney South David Rumball
02 9528 5437
North Eric & Noreen Rogers
02 9971 1646
West Alec Myles
02 8801 1967
Victoria Bernard Shrubsole
03 8790 8534
  Tony Walsh
03 9480 6317


Bob Frost
03 6266 3214


Derek Woodall
0426 622 556

South Australia

John Crowhurst
0400 804 294

Western Australia

David Austin
08 9582 7392


Rob Cason
02 6286 4740


Clive Walford
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


John Duffy
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South Africa

Norma Maloney
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Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1300 308 353

If you prefer, you can put your question in writing with our FEEDBACK form.

These are some of the letters of thanks we've received from grateful members:

Congratulations on the wonderful work that you are doing. I have been keeping an eye on news stories over the years, always hoping, as an affected UK pension recipient living in Australia, that things will change. With your constant keeping of this matter in the public domain, I am sure that they will one day.

Dear Jim, your pursuit of the frozen pensions for Asian-born contributors to the NIF, as well as UK-born pensioners, has really paid off.  See the Guardian.  Although I am sure you have.  Anyway profound congratulations for your persistence and hard won.

Thank you for the (Chairman's) report.  I would love to be of practical assistance, but approaching my 83rd with increasing frailty, I am unable to do more that watch from the sidelines. I am in great admiration of the work being done by our committee, and especially encouraged by the front line campaign which gives hope for at least partial justice in the short term.  Our determination is unabated.   I do wish that we had a high profile figure like Joanna Lumley or Joan Bakewell or even Michael  Parkinson to lead a final push, but failing that I believe that we will prevail. I hope that I survive to see my state pension restored to its rightful level.  My very best wishes to you all for this year.
Keith P

I just rang the UK Pension office and got unexpectedly efficient service and answers. …..they sent out a letter a few weeks after kicking off the payments giving options of lump sum or increased weekly payments based on the years that we have not claimed since becoming eligible. Your help has been wonderful. Thank you very much.
Keith B

It was very nice talking to you and I will certainly spread the word and encourage as many people as I can to join and support the organisation. Thanks again. We couldn’t have got the result without your assistance this evening.
Evelyn E

I've attended your ‘seminars’ etc. when you’ve visited Perth and much appreciate the effort that you and your committee put in towards unfreezing our pensions.
David C

Thank you for the October monthly report and also for continuing to campaign unwaveringly for an indexed pension for retired UK expatriates residing in Australia. You are doing a terrific job. Perhaps there may be some success in the House of Lords when the bill is discussed!!
Carol J

I just want to express my thanks to the Committee and all who put in so much effort. If the BPiA is successful it will make an enormous difference to so many people. Just reading the latest newsletter I am amazed at how much you are doing. Even to achieve 11,000 members is terrific. Warmest regards,
Malcolm W

My bank statement this month shows a credit of $1199.70. Further payments will now be made at regular intervals. I would like to thank you Jim and your colleagues at BPiA for all the work you all do, with excellent results. Please accept a $50 contribution to your funds. Thanks again.