We’ll fight for your right to UK PENSION PARITY

Statement of BPiA Policy and Strategy from Brian Owles, Chairman

I stepped into the position of Chairman of BPiA in November 2016 in order to draw together a team that would work with the ultimate aim of achieving a fair and just payment of UK pensions to those outside UK.  

For the avoidance of doubt, let me state unequivocally: the policy of BPiA and CABP is to fight for FULL PARITY for all UK pensioners living outside UK.  It is not the policy of BPiA or CABP to seek a partial uprating, but there is an All-party Parliamentary group of UK MPs (“APPG”) that are attempting to promote such a concept.  It would be foolish of us not to interact with that group because they are the only people in the UK government who recognise the issue and are prepared to seek a solution. If the UK government were to make an offer of a partial uprating that would be considered by all parties, however no such offer is likely in the near future.

The committee of BPiA will continue to fight as a team for FULL PENSION PARITY to correct the immoral status of frozen pensions from UK.


BPiA’s principal objective is to encourage Australia based British expats to provide financial assistance to fund a political fight from which we wish to achieve UK age pension annual inflation increases (indexing).  Regardless of any other income you already receive you’ll be better off when we win this fight for eventual pension parity.

We encourage all expat pensioners to contact the MP representing the constituency of their last place of residence in the UK.  Only by constant lobbying can we hope to raise the consciousness of UK MPs to the injustice which is their duty to right.

Your letter should make it plain to the MP that you have plenty of friends or relatives still living and voting in the constituency who will be only too happy to support your rights.

Click here for a full list of constituencies and the names of the current MPs.  The list is in order of constituency.  

Click here to download a model letter that you can customise to deliver your message.


You’ll learn your rights and entitlements

BPiA has developed a good knowledge of the British pension rules and built an excellent relationship with the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  From this working relationship we have been able to assist hundreds of people who have worked in the UK to:

  • obtain a pension (in some cases previously denied)

  • improve their pension entitlement, or

  • recover a pension that may have been stopped for a variety of reasons

You can help us win the fight

BPiA is staffed entirely by volunteers.  Our reach has to be worldwide, to allied organisations and to politicians, journalists, lobbyists, legal teams and bureaucrats in the UK and Europe.  All this comes at a cost, which is why we seek your contribution, an affordable $20 per year for a single member, $30 per year for a couple.  When we win the fight, this could be the best investment you ever make.

Our Hon. Chairman, Jim Tilley, has a good network of current and past influential politicians

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Membership brings rewards

As a paying member you will:

  • Receive regular newsletters and progress reports
  • Via this website have access to 
    • the latest news on UK legislative changes that may affect you, and
    • detailed analyses by leading academics and economic specialists
  • Be able to call a hotline for answers to your questions
  • Get to know the wider community of expat UK pensioners here in Australia